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480 hours

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Nov 2020



Break Into The Coding Career

Position yourself as a job-ready full-stack web developer in our full-time web development immersive course.

Our intensive program helps you master the in-demand skill sets needed to accelerate your career and change your life. The course consist of two stages.

  • The first stage is a preparation course that begins 2-weeks before the main course o be done and completed online.
  • The second stage is an intensive coding course that will last for 12 weeks at our Kota Kinabalu campus.

Finally, you will graduate with a portfolio of web projects that you designed and built yourself, which employers would love to see.

What Will You Learn


Learn to create gorgeous web pages that will captivate audiences with HTML5 and CSS3.

Ruby Programming

Discover Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and learn how to program with Ruby.

Database & SQL

Learn about popular SQL databases like Postgres, and how to integrate these into your applications.

Software Architecture

In-depth understanding of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern by creating several MVC softwares from scratch.


Master JavaScript the universal programming language of the web, used by many and loved by all. .


Learn how to use Git as the de facto standard for source version control and team collaboration.

How to apply

Step 1

Apply to Rambutan Code Academy

Complete the application form and submit to us by 20th October 2020.

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Step 2

Complete Assessments

We will send you the materials you need to prepare for our 45 mins technical assessment.

Step 3

Panel Interview

If you passed the technical assessment, we will invite you for an interview, either online or onsite.


40% COVID-19 Offer

Get 40% off your tuition if you pay upfront. This is our direct response as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

We cover your tuition until you are hired. 15% of salary for 24 months, RM10,500 maximum total payment. Must be a Sabahan and affected by COVID-19.

0% interest installments

You can opt to pay monthly for 3 months during your study instead of an Income Share Agreeement.

* Underprivillege Sabahans may be eligible for scholarships. Contact us today to see if you qualify for funding.

Web Development Course - Special Covid Offer

Submit your application now, and one of our staff members will contact you shortly.

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