JumpStart your career with the Rambutan apprenticeship program.

Are you an aspiring software engineer, UI/UX designer hungry to JumpStart your career and make an impact through technology?

As an apprentice, you will spend an immersive 6-months learning, practicing, and applying your craft in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative environment.

Educating for Success

Rambutan Code Academy expands traditional academics to include training in professional and life skills. Seminar-style classes encourage discussion, collaboration, and mastery.

By participating in JumpStart, final year university students can experience these classes first hand.

Practical Learning

In JumpStart, students participate in collegiate-level courses taught by experienced industry professionals. Classes work like seminars and actively integrate discussion, projects, presentations, and mentorship.

Focused Training

As part of the JumpStart program, students also gain access to academic counseling, training seminars, and admittance to exclusive Rambutan Code Academy events. Students learn to network and maximize opportunities.

Supportive Friends

JumpStart students learn alongside Rambutan Code Academy students as part of a close-knit community. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, engaging coaches, and bright students that make for an incredible learning experience.

Why    ?

  1. Mentored by Rambutan coaching team
  2. Experience the real working environment and get mentored by the software engineering coahes and our founder.

  3. Learn by doing your own final year project
  4. You will focus on completing your Final Year Project and applying the industry practices.

  5. JumpStart your career
  6. By participating in this program, you get the chance to work and learn from the experts in the software industry.


Our experienced instructors and staff members strive to engage with students and assist them in meeting their career and personal goals. Students know they can rely on the guidance of their coaches and leaders.


We strive to provide avenues through which the next generation can fulfill their potential. We desire to equip young people to become motivated, professional, and flourishing men and women of character.

Selection Criteria

Final year university students

Final year students who are currently working on their Final Year Project (FYP) and exploring a career kickstart.

Minimum diploma in any Computer Science or Software Engineering. CGPA of 2.5 & above.

Required Skills

Strong leadership skills

Creative and think out of the box

Possible & must do mindset

Think big, act small, move fast

Applications are closed for June 2021.

Next intake is January 2022.